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750 Solutions is a respected credit advisory service in India. 750 Solutions was founded with the single-minded goal of helping clients achieve positive credit worthiness and financial freedom. In order to cater to this vision, we got on board a panel of professionals with years of experience and specialized knowledge. 750 Solutions differentiates itself from similar offerings in the industry by providing packages that are result oriented yet cost effective.

Today, 750 Solutions takes pride in having customers from above 150 cities across the length and breadth of country.

Corporate office in Faridabad, 750 Solutions has offices in across 8 cities in India.

ADVANTAGE of 750 Solutions

  • Managed by experts with years of experience and specialized knowledge
  • High impact & effective products
  • Affordably priced packages that fit your various needs
  • Personalized attention and customer orientation
  • Result oriented services

Who Are We?

750 Solutions is a Solutions provider for their customers to get loans and to improve 750 Score at maximum. It is an online financial platform to help their customers or clients credit score to maintain or to improve the credit score and save money. 750 Solutions is a leading and premier credit advisory company run by professionals who have experience with larger period of time. It helps their clients/ customers to boost or build their credit score value of 750 Score and rating. It helps their customer by providing credit score and with wide range of analytical assessments, helps them to understand the credit status and its importance and provides them knowledge about credit score. 750 Solutions is the first of its kind in the industry, aims at providing awareness of credit worthiness, which helps to maintain and manage the credit score.

Credit Score

Credit score is a statistical value which is used to calculate or evaluate the credit worthy by credit history. Credit score plays an important role for offering loan or not. If the person has good credit score then the loan will been given with minimum interest. Otherwise the process will not done for our expectation.

750 Score

750 score is a three digit numeric value which determines the approval of loan. The ranges for 750 score is from 300-900. If the score is nearer to 900 then approval for loan is easy and it is called good 750 score. If the score value is lesser than 750, then approval for loan is difficult to process or it will cause to reject the loan process.


Credit score is calculated by four credit bureaus in India and they are 750, Equifax, High-Mark and Experian. 750 score is popular among the other bureaus of credit score. Also Equifax and Experian type of bureaus used by many lenders for credit loan. Basically 750 score and Equifax are used to value the amount of loan or type of loan plays major role. The convenient loan will be given according to the 750 score.

Bad Credit Score

Bad credit score is calculated according to the process done by delay in payments, length of the history, too many accounts opened.

Credit Booster

  • Clear your credit report
  • Pay your balances regularly
  • At least pay at once a month
  • Credit limit being increased
  • Open a fresh account
  • Negotiate the balances outstanding
  • Authorized use